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We have been following the path of the science and technology since foundation. Gradually improve our own product series, from the earliest production single seated, doule seated control valves to now, more than a dozen series, hundreds of kinds of control valve products. Our market share gradually increases, and our products have been widely praised by our customers.

Our products have been successively service in different fields such asBao steel and more than one hundred iron and steel enterprises, internal Sinopec, Yangzi Petrochemical, Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co., Baling Petrochemical Branch, Shanghai Coking Plant, Changling Oil Refinery, Qilu Petrochemical, Qingdao Refining, Catalyst Branch, Jiujiang Petrochemical Branch and other enterprises like Haizheng Pharmaceutical Co., Xinchang Pharmaceutical Co., and Fengyuan Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co. of pharmaceutical service.

With its Strong technical force, in addition to the conventional valve, ZCZK is especially good at designing and manufacturing of control valves or cut-off valves using in all kinds of extreme operating conditions. ZCZK has ripe experience in the design and manufacture of the control valves for high temperature, high pressure, high pressure differential (example: power plant main water supply, reduce heat water and continuous blow down valves successively served in Changling refining Power plant, Qilu petrochemical thermal power plant, etc.), small flow(example: replace Fisher control valve in Tianjin Lugang Rubber), flushing resisting(example: Changling oil refinery hydrogen desulfurization discharge valve), corrosion resisting(example: Yuehua 06 plastic lining valve and Hartz C control valve). The Cut-off Valves (Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Rapid Cut-off Valves, Hydraulic Valves) of ZCZK are also praised by users for their high performance (example: Tianjin Lugang Rubber, Jiujiang Petrochemical Branch and Baling branch, etc.). According to different parameters, like medium temperature and pressure, the ball and seat are treated with different hardening process such as chromium carbide, tungsten carbide spray or nickel base alloy, cobalt base alloy spray welding to ensure the working reliability and long life. Our high-performance sealing butterfly valve are adapt to strictly cut off the fluid with large diameter, high and Low temperature or low medium pressure. (example: Baling fertilizers, Yuehua 06, Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co. and Changling oil refining, etc.). The Triple Eccentric Seal Type Butterfly Valves have longer operaion life because of its special structure. The Tank Bottom Valve and the Hydraulic Valve using in YueHua 06 get the user's praise with their unique structure as well. Also our big size dampers (serving in Changling refining Power plant and Xuan Steel) are famous for the high quality and free maintenance.

ZCZK holds the principle of Quality First, Customer Foremost, provides high quality products and services for customers. Your satisfaction is our biggest harvest.


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