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Product Detail
M2 Single Seated/M3Multi-hole Cage Guided/M8Adjust Shutoff Valves
Body size: DN25~450(1''~18'')
Body rating: HG20592-2009 PN16~160; ANSI 150#~2500#
Body material: WCB、CF8、CF8M,etc.
Connection: Flanged (RF、RJ、MFM);Weld ends (SW、BW)
Characteristics: IEC standard Eq%;IEC standard Linear
Rangeability: 50:1
Temp.(℃): -45~+538/-45~+230
Leakage: Hard Sealing: ANSI CLASS IV、V;Soft Sealing: ANSI CLASS VI

1: The latest single seated cage guided  control valve has simple runners and great flow capacity.

2: It is suitable to a variety of heavy duty services because of its great dynamic stability.

3: It is characterized by pressure balanced type trim for high pressure and high pressure drops.

4: The trim is easy to be changed or maintained.

         Fin-extension type bonnet: for high pressure (+230~+538℃); for low pressure (-45~-5℃)    

         Long-extension type bonnet: for type I low Temp. (-100~-45℃); for type II low Temp. (-196~-100℃)

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